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​Art of Structural Reality 

Patterns proliferate our perception of the world around us.. Patterns can be found as different kinds of symmetry, growth patterns that transform the bud to the shoot, stochastic patterns which are produced by the wind on a smooth surface, etc. 

There are also perception patterns, such as perspectives, hidden parts of objects, changing of the brightness of the surface with depth. I consider these patterns as simple building blocks. These blocks can be linked together to create complex structures and these structures are used to create images. 

To find visual structures that produce intriguing images, evolutionary algorithms are applied. By mutating the patterns and stochastically splitting, merging, and replicating the resulting structures, more and more complex visual motifs emerge, and the process is repeated. Complex motifs have a tendency to create complex images… sometimes strange, and sometimes beautiful

© 2022 by Oleg Kislyuk

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